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Ecosystem in Estuary Area

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The estuary area ranks globally in its ecological value for both fish and wildlife providing habitat to hundreds of species resident and migratory birds. The number of photos show how the like of birds, small mammals, insects loving this marshes … Continue reading

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Four Seasons

今年加拿大的天氣很特別…. 年初的冬天等了又等…等了又等……到了大約五月中,所有積雪才消失得無形無終。春天才宣告開始! 年終的冬天等了又等…等了又等……到了還餘兩星期便完結2011,衹是下了兩次大雪,氣溫平均在零下大約五度,雪又如何積下來呢?但這是一個好楔機到外邊走走和及時攝下美景。 遲遲未退的冬天就是…. 當樹枝變得柔軟生出葉子的時候,你們就知道夏天近了 (Matt 24:32)…. 大地尚存之日,播種、收割,寒暑、冬夏、白晝和黑夜必然循環不息。(創8:22)….

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Hello Nature WORLD!

This world is full of wonders. It easily discovers many beautiful scenery, loved-vivid life. 這是一個很奇妙的世界,衹要開開自己的眼晴,舉頭四看就不難發現這世界充滿美麗活生生的美景、可愛活潑的生命。 Using this blog, this tries to share what the discovers through the lens. 透過這Blog和鏡頭,希能分享這奇妙世界。 God created the great creatures of the sea and every living … Continue reading

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