Ecosystem in Estuary Area

The estuary area ranks globally in its ecological value for both fish and wildlife providing habitat to hundreds of species resident and migratory birds. The number of photos show how the like of birds, small mammals, insects loving this marshes and wetland associated with estuaries for their abundant forage.

The estuary is good for bird’s habitat. This photo shows full of vivid living as a group of birds flying in sky.

Birds flying

Blue-crab shell is a good health indicator of eco-food chains cycle.

Blue-crab shell

Sandy-flicker crab coming out his underground home and looking for his food.

Sandy-flicker crab

Spotted-sandpiper catching his food – small crab.


Ring-billed gull is enjoying his catch.

Ring-billed gull

Lesser-yellow legs sandpiper is looking for his food.

Lesser-yellow leg sandpiper

Baby gull is shouting to his parents.

Baby gull

Ring-billed gull in a free surfing.

Ring-billed gull surfing

Least-sandpiper in a quick swiftness.


Laughing gull enjoying a freedom in sky.

Laughing gull

Rat is quite common species found and take sharing of the estuary.


Butterfly appearing shows the ecological environment in a good condition. North-western-crescent butterfly enjoys food through his tube.

North-western-crescent Butterfly

Delaware skipper butterfly was another found.

Delaware skipper butterfly

The sunset adds more beautiful over the estuary. We believe that the ecosystem on the estuary will be full of vivid provision to the wildlife. Human beings shall care for and concern about the value of estuary.


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