Timing and lighting – Experience Lakes and Banff

Timing & Lighting — These two factors are keys to take a picture in wonder. It could create color variation, mood of object, composition, so so. Number of photos taken was in beginning of June, it was very wonderful to experience snowing, strong wind, cloudy, and sunny. Top of mountain in Jasper is still fully covered with snow and toe of mountain is fully with green. This composition is so attractive and one below is an example. With effective of global warming, there are less snow found in top of Rocky Mountain.

Lake Louise

Mule Deer with his large ears, white rump, grey color and black tip enjoys this peace and green area.

So great with high volume of ice water from mountains running to Athabasca Falls

Downstream of Athabasca Falls

From turbulence to peace — how wonder of natural power found in Athabasca Falls.

More,  snow found is in edge of Lake Minnewank and  in Moraine Lake.

Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewank

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

Bow Fall

Having a joy “GREEN” in CANADA

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