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盛夏之歌 Song of Summer

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初春至盛夏,正如播種、收割,寒暑、冬夏、白晝和黑夜必然循環不息一樣。Jasper Natural Park (Canada) 在盛夏中坐擁360度的湖光山色,鳥語花春,春色明媚。各樣的走獸,空中各樣的飛鳥,甚至地上各樣爬行的動物,和海裡各樣的魚類,都在其中。 From early-spring to mid-summer, as seed-time, harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night inevitable repeating itself. Jasper Natural Park (Canada) in midsummer sitting in 360-degree lakes and mountains scenery, birds and flowers, glamour enchanting. All … Continue reading

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