Wonder Natures – Photo E-book —- Gull

This is the second  – photo E-book about the GULL surfing. They are very talent and style comes from natural-born. The ring-billed gull is a medium-sized gull, about 16 inches in length, a wingspan of about four feet, a short, bright yellow bill with a black ring at the tip, white head, neck, chest and belly  feathers and a soft gray back and upper-wings. It takes three years for the ring-billed gull to achieve adult plumage.

In North America, the ring-billed gull breeds in the Northwest from the prairies of Canada south to California. It is also found in the Great Lakes region, the Canadian Maritimes. The ring-billed gull makes its home on lakes and rivers moving to the ocean in the winter.

The ring-billed gull eats insects, seeds, grain, fish and garbage. It is often called the “fast food gull” because it often hangs around fast food restaurants searching for food.

The ring-billed gull returns to its nesting site well before it is time to nest and to establish its territory. It usually nests  in lakes with other gulls and terns. A nesting site may have as many as 1,000 pairs of ring-billed gulls.

Spring is a right time to photo this wonderful bird and so don’t miss the chance.



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