Lac La Biche – welcoming by nature

Our family enjoyed Lac La Biche a week-end (Aug 22-23, 2014) with a 3-hour drive from Edmonton. Numerous lakes and campgrounds provide outdoor recreation opportunities in the area, including Lake-land Provincial Park to the east.

The activities included were a historic site visit, bird watching, hiking, and picnicking. These areas are very peaceful and quite nature.

Photos below are just for sharing.

Lac_La__Biche_01 Lac_La__Biche_02 Lac_La__Biche_03 Lac_La__Biche_04 Lac_La__Biche_05 Lac_La__Biche_06 Lac_La__Biche_07 Lac_La__Biche_08 Lac_La__Biche_09 Lac_La__Biche_10 Lac_La__Biche_11 Lac_La__Biche_12 Lac_La__Biche_13 Lac_La__Biche_14 Lac_La__Biche_15 Lac_La__Biche_16 Lac_La__Biche_17 Lac_La__Biche_18 Lac_La__Biche_19 Lac_La__Biche_20 Lac_La__Biche_21 Lac_La__Biche_22 Lac_La__Biche_23 Lac_La__Biche_24 Lac_La__Biche_25 Lac_La__Biche_26 Lac_La__Biche_27 Lac_La__Biche_28 Lac_La__Biche_29 Lac_La__Biche_30 Lac_La__Biche_31 Lac_La__Biche_32 Lac_La__Biche_33 Lac_La__Biche_34 Lac_La__Biche_35 Lac_La__Biche_36 Lac_La__Biche_37 Lac_La__Biche_38 Lac_La__Biche_39 Lac_La__Biche_40 Lac_La__Biche_41 Lac_La__Biche_42 Lac_La__Biche_43 Lac_La__Biche_44 Lac_La__Biche_45 Lac_La__Biche_46 Lac_La__Biche_47 Lac_La__Biche_48 Lac_La__Biche_49 Lac_La__Biche_50 Lac_La__Biche_51 Lac_La__Biche_52 Lac_La__Biche_53 Lac_La__Biche_54 Lac_La__Biche_55 Lac_La__Biche_56 Lac_La__Biche_57 Lac_La__Biche_58 Lac_La__Biche_59 Lac_La__Biche_60 Lac_La__Biche_61 Lac_La__Biche_62

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